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C. Randolph Updated 4.22.21 

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The Story of the Evolution of Your BIGGEST Fan!

How a quest for an innovative solution became a lens into humanity.

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...there was procrastination, and procrastination was KING! Every morning I would wake up, and rather than start my day, I would grab my cell phone and magically make 45 minutes disappear. THIS WAS A PROBLEM! I needed my mornings to be more efficient and productive. As a professional problem solver, I could not let this puzzle go unsolved. 

Through process analysis, research, innovation, and ideation birthed a mobile application to assist in developing healthy fitness habits, while bringing family and communities together. ROOTY a fitness application that combines gaming, fitness, and competition to make all our lives better. 

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My initial goal was not to create a product, it was to find a way to systematically generate a more efficient morning routine. I decided to use a common approach I would take to optimize a business process and apply it to my morning routine.

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My Supply Chain Management analysis brian is where I always start. I structure a problem, build out the process, and look for the nods of variance with the process, and ideate, innovative or simple ways to eliminate it. 

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I listed the desired "workflow" followed by the ideal "workflow" before charting the processes. 

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Once the activity was charted, I identified the activities that contained variance.

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Typically I would draw out a traditional box chart but, not today. The nods identified were:

Cell phone

Getting Dressed

This is what variance looked like in my personal routine


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My Post (10).png

Cell phones have a limitless amount of digital destinations creating  more opportunities for time consumption than ever. 

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I solved 'Dressed' by picking out my outfits the night before. 

The cell phone issue required something more innovative. I created a lock screen to limit access to various ups until certain behaviors were accomplished. After sharing the idea with some people I trusted, I went to work on a prototype in an attempt to solve this is use. I made the mistake of not documenting the conversations and potential insights and not, conduct structured surveys and interviews. 

By the time it's was all over and I had a product that was self-centered, lacked empathy, and MVP wasn't viable in the market at all. 

Original Pitch Deck 

Original Prototype

I reenrolled into Virginia Commonwealth University, where I became part of the DaVinci Center. Was able to implement structured research strategies and theories into my research to generate a more market-viable and technically feasible product.


Typical Behavior Analysis  


Persona Building 

Cupcake Theory 

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