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Hope For Homeless Veterans

Sandra SellARs
June, 2014


"Renovation is underway on a Church Hill house.....The goal to provide transitional housing for struggling veterans to get back on their feetand get the help they need to become self-sufficient, according to Chris Randolph, NHS project manager."They fought for us and we want to help them get off the street.

Seeking "positive change" in the criminal justice system

Dec 18, 2014


"Christopher Randolph, the 31-year-old incoming president of the Hanover County branch of the NAACP, noticed that a lot of young men like himself are “tired of being viewed in a certain way” and are moving into the organization.

Looking askance at the trend toward militarization of local law enforcement, he turned the “protect and serve” motto on its head with a quote from Hanover native Patrick Henry’s “Liberty or Death” speech: “Are armies and fleets necessary in acts of love and reconciliation?”

He asked legislators and concerned citizens to “look at this not as a black issue, but an American issue.”"

Everyone’s Restaurant: Behind the Scenes at

Shockoe Whiskey & Wine 


Sept 8, 2015


"When Chris Randolph moved back to the city a year and a half ago after living in Northern Virginia, it felt as though something was missing in the Richmond scene. Instead of waiting around for things to change, he took matters into his own hands....."

Sharing stories through poetry and spoken word with Slam Richmond

Brad Kutner

August 20, 2015


Chris Randolph and Roscoe Burnems were doing a Friday event at The Top, which recently ended, but you can check out Think Rich RVa and The Writer’s Den Poetry Slam on Facebook to find out what their next chapter is.

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